Monday, February 9, 2009

Brushing Your Teeth and Flossing

Brushing Your Teeth

Everyone should know that you should at least brush your teeth twice a day every day. However people do not always do a good job of brushing their teeth, because either they do not care or were never corrected by their parents.

My mother works under my dentist so I can say I brush my teeth pretty clean, though I have had my history with cavities.

Your toothbrush should be covering 2 teeth at a time. Point your tooth brush towards your mouth and distance it so that it barely touches your teeth. If you push it too into your teeth the brushes fan out and clean the area around the desired area.

You should start from the back teeth to the front teeth from the top to the bottom. Use a pea size for each half of your mouth (because the cleaning effect decreases because it mixes with fluids in your mouth).

Brush back and forth for 5-7 seconds. After you finish for the back teeth change angles to get all the little spaces between each tooth. Point the brush 45 degrees towards your mouth and then after brushing the back teeth for 5-7 seconds point it 45 degrees away from your mouth.

To finish point your toothbrush the way your teeth grows (up or down) and brush away. You do not have to count the seconds just brush over it.


Floss after you brush your teeth!! But it is best to floss right after you eat something.

What not to do

Enamel is a protective layer over your teeth which wears down due to acid. Therefore:

DO NOT EAT ANYTHING ACIDIC like fruits, SODA, anything sour -.- or hot sauce 2-4 hours before you brush your teeth. It weakens your enamel and the tooth paste and brush will weaken it further.

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