Saturday, February 7, 2009

Skin Care

Even though I do not have the loveliest skin, I try my best...Here are some things that I like to do for my skin.

I wash only with warm water and do not use soap. This is because your skin have oils that are needed for your skin and since you did not go anywhere much its best to keep most of the oils. Pat dry, NEVER rub the towel roughly on your skin! It tears the skin cells!!!

Applying Lotion: Put on light moisturizing lotions, make sure it has at least SPF 15, though the higher the better. Of all the light lotions so far I like to use Aveeno's, though they came out with a SPF 30. During cooler seasons sometimes I put on something heavier, like Nivea on my cheeks ONLY. And then I head out with my whole faced covered (Scarf, sunglasses and hat, you will not see any skin at all. But my glasses tend to fog...).

Oil Sheets-When you face starts to get oily and shiny dam it with some oil absorbing sheets. A likable one to use is Clean & Clear's, however warning to those that wear powder makeup, you may need to touch up because the oils on your face will mix with the powder and will be lifted off by the sheet.

Washing-When I shower I also like to wash my face. With all the steam from shower (gotta love hot water), it opens up my pores. I mix a low dose of regular soap and massage it in my oily areas (forehead, sides near my hair lines because hairs love to absorb oils, and my nose) for 5-10 seconds. I run it under warm water and then use a facial scrub every 3 days or use a facial cleanser. I like to use homemade cleansers and scrubs because reading the ingredients is scary. I know them not and can hardly read them! But some might not have time so I guess its ok... Afterward pat dry!!

Applying Lotion-For the night I like to use heavier lotions that hydrate (because we do not wake up in the middle of the night to drink water...duh), like Nivea (its a creme), or pure African Shea Butter. Anything other shea butters are good but natural ones are the best of course. Shea butter has many benefits and you can also put it in your hair!

Throughout the day
DRINK LOTS OF WATER. Your body needs it to work, a person can die within 3 days without water. I know everyone says this but its true, water does your body good and keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized happy.

Sometimes I like to spray green tea on my face after I clean it. After spraying it on let it dry and then apply the lotion. To make it:

You need a spray bottle, green tea leaves (red tea leaves work too but it has less antioxidants), and hot/boiled water.

If your bottle is plastic, brew the tea leaves in another container, if not directly brew the tea. Let the tea seep for 5 minutes and then you can use it. But it might be hot so might as well wait for the tea to cool and use. Do not make a lot because over time the tea loses its benefits. Fresh tea is the best.

Do not worry I will be adding list of benefits for different substances later on ^^

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