Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gokusen - Kozueko Morimoto

Gokusen - Kozueko Morimoto

The fearless granddaughter Kumiko Yamaguchi of a great yakuza boss decided to become a high school teacher of delinquents. She wants to give hope to the students most people give up and trash around like the her family. However there is a special student in her class and becomes her support while she tries to help everyone in the background as she attempts to hide her secret. But as hard as she tries her yakuza roots come back to find her, or rather she can't run from dangerous troubles.

When I saw the art cover I was not really expecting too much but it was a GREAT READ. She is so different and funny I kept loling while I should have been sleeping I got in trouble...But it was worth it and the other 5-8 times I reread it again. Really funny...Yea read it

Can't believe that I didn't post about it earlier.

I's - Masakazu Katsura

I's - Masakazu Katsura

Meet Seto Ichitaka, who is kinda loserish when he is near his love, Yoshizuki Iori who is pretty and nice (how rare). He acts the opposite of how he should (stupid), because he gets o nervous. However one day they are forced into a parternship on a class project. Things started to roll from there and we go through his ups and downs with trying to win her love.

I put off reading this manga for a really long time. I thought it would but really stupid, don't like ecchi too much...when the main character is the dude. But the art finaly got me to read the manga. And I loved it, sooooo cute!!! It is very refreshing with seeing a guy get worked up that way for a girl. So pure, which is reallllllly rare. There is some ecchi but its bareable, but it was pretty emotion I think I cried a bit somewhere...

Cute read, and funny

Devil & Devil - Yuuki Miyoshi

I got busy and very lazy...but I'm trying to get out of my shell...trying not very hard...anyway...um during my hibernation I read loads of manga...tried anyway

Devil & Devil - Yuuki Miyoshi

It's about an angel and devil who became wounded during a battle and fell down to Earth. They enter two humans that are humans and are forced to live together. The hot blooded devil had entered the weaker younger brother who was a weird nerd that. The calm angel entered the older brother who was the problem child of the family. Still involved with matters between the angels and devils in their human forms, we are throw into a highway of adventure.

I thought it was funny...aw the irony...but it started to piss me off because the characters were so 2-d like you can so predict their responses. But still was a funny read. Its complete and pretty long with 15 volumes so it kept me busy for awhile. But is a no brainer so it was quick for 15 volumes. Not really crazy about the art either but it was passable...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Male Versions of songs

I found this awsum person who changes the pitches so the songs that were sang by girls sounds like guys. It is sooo yumm!!!

So far my fav is Eien by Boa.

But I also loved So Hot by Wonder Girls.

And the special Wonder Boys!!! Love this sooo much!! Cuteness!!!

Seungri[Big Bang] Sungmin & Shindong[Super Junior] Taemin[SHINee] Jo Kwon[2AM]

And thennnnn I also found Boys Generation!!!

Red - shingdong (Super Junior)Bright Yellow - JoKwon (2AM)Blue - Sungmin (Super Junior) Dark Pink - JaeBom (2PM) Orange - TaecYeon (2PM) Yellow - YeSung (Super Junior) Purple - Nichkun (2pm) Green - EunHyuk (Super Junior) Pink - Key (SHINee)

This was funnier though...^^

I also found this song, but I didn't really like the boy version over the girl, so here's the original song.

MUZIK by 4minute

Friday, August 28, 2009

After School Nightmare - MIZUSHIRO Setona

After School Nightmare - MIZUSHIRO Setona

Everyone has problems that they have a hard time facing. Their real selves-and this class is made for people like that. To graduate from the school they must fight to find the key and accept themselves. This manga revolves around Mashiro Ichijo, who is half male and half female! In his Thursday class, he and his classmates enter their dreams and battle for the key.

One of the best mangas I ever read in a while. I got a little confused in it with the dissappearing people and stuff. However it made sense at the end...well kinda. Anyway it was sooooooo good!!!! A must read, plus it's only 10 volumes.