Sunday, September 6, 2009

Male Versions of songs

I found this awsum person who changes the pitches so the songs that were sang by girls sounds like guys. It is sooo yumm!!!

So far my fav is Eien by Boa.

But I also loved So Hot by Wonder Girls.

And the special Wonder Boys!!! Love this sooo much!! Cuteness!!!

Seungri[Big Bang] Sungmin & Shindong[Super Junior] Taemin[SHINee] Jo Kwon[2AM]

And thennnnn I also found Boys Generation!!!

Red - shingdong (Super Junior)Bright Yellow - JoKwon (2AM)Blue - Sungmin (Super Junior) Dark Pink - JaeBom (2PM) Orange - TaecYeon (2PM) Yellow - YeSung (Super Junior) Purple - Nichkun (2pm) Green - EunHyuk (Super Junior) Pink - Key (SHINee)

This was funnier though...^^

I also found this song, but I didn't really like the boy version over the girl, so here's the original song.

MUZIK by 4minute

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