Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Devil & Devil - Yuuki Miyoshi

I got busy and very lazy...but I'm trying to get out of my shell...trying not very hard...anyway...um during my hibernation I read loads of manga...tried anyway

Devil & Devil - Yuuki Miyoshi

It's about an angel and devil who became wounded during a battle and fell down to Earth. They enter two humans that are humans and are forced to live together. The hot blooded devil had entered the weaker younger brother who was a weird nerd that. The calm angel entered the older brother who was the problem child of the family. Still involved with matters between the angels and devils in their human forms, we are throw into a highway of adventure.

I thought it was funny...aw the irony...but it started to piss me off because the characters were so 2-d like you can so predict their responses. But still was a funny read. Its complete and pretty long with 15 volumes so it kept me busy for awhile. But is a no brainer so it was quick for 15 volumes. Not really crazy about the art either but it was passable...

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