Monday, March 16, 2009

Manga Uber NoObs

Manga is pretty much as Japanese comic. As for me, compared to American comics I think it is more evolved. There are many different styles and more story lines, for American comics you would think superheroes but in manga you would never think that.

I started reading manga...when I was 10? Yea...But I started anime wayyyy earlier. Anyway, for noobs here are some places that would be helpful.
-This is a heavenly place. Almost all manga info can be found here. You sign up (free) and you can keep track of what you have been reading, by putting them on your list. And when you read up to a certain chapter you can put that in and when there is a new chapter you have not read, it will show up to let you know. There's a lot you can do there, like finding the scanlators and their sites and their IRC and their forums. Its just so addicting even if I just go there to read. Its just wonderful, check it out. -When I started to use this site, like there weren't a lot of members or that much manga. But now after a few years, its become another godly place. Sign up and you can download their manga, and you can also upload them. But if they are licensed or something you can't upload them. I think they have a list on what you can't upload there somewhere...Anyway, its awsum and its where I usually go to download my stuff... -I don't like this place as much as mangatraders, because they make you download by chapters and also because the files are numbered and not name. Also sometimes the numbers are not in order so when I read them by sideshow for multiple folders the order gets mixed up and I get really annoyed. However sometimes what mangatraders don't have they have.
-Another place to download manga, sometimes the others just don't have what I want/need. This is all per chapter downloads so its great for those that still have dial up. I know some people still have it, I feel so bad for them because I still remember those days...This place is also great in that it uploads frequently-awsummmmm -Another great place. But I use this place the least because I keep forgetting my password, but if the other places don't have what I need (which rarely but do happen) I come here and try to drag it out my brain. It wonderful here too-there's a lot of manga.


Yaoi manga is manga with guy and guy love. It aimed towards females and yes WE LOVE YAOI!!! Some guys like it too, even if they are not gay. There are yaoi that does not show the sexual stuff and are really cute. But some are hardcore...So be careful what you read.

If you cant stomach somethings, search it up on mangaupdates and read the summary. Sometimes they might tell you if its hardcore...Or you can look at the pic.

-There is no need for sign up, but its through places like megaupload. But it has like everything!! You can look up yaoi with control F or just go down the list and read everything. (which is what I'm doing) It is definitely a yaoi heaven.

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