Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gokusen - Kozueko Morimoto

Gokusen - Kozueko Morimoto

The fearless granddaughter Kumiko Yamaguchi of a great yakuza boss decided to become a high school teacher of delinquents. She wants to give hope to the students most people give up and trash around like the her family. However there is a special student in her class and becomes her support while she tries to help everyone in the background as she attempts to hide her secret. But as hard as she tries her yakuza roots come back to find her, or rather she can't run from dangerous troubles.

When I saw the art cover I was not really expecting too much but it was a GREAT READ. She is so different and funny I kept loling while I should have been sleeping I got in trouble...But it was worth it and the other 5-8 times I reread it again. Really funny...Yea read it

Can't believe that I didn't post about it earlier.

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