Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I's - Masakazu Katsura

I's - Masakazu Katsura

Meet Seto Ichitaka, who is kinda loserish when he is near his love, Yoshizuki Iori who is pretty and nice (how rare). He acts the opposite of how he should (stupid), because he gets o nervous. However one day they are forced into a parternship on a class project. Things started to roll from there and we go through his ups and downs with trying to win her love.

I put off reading this manga for a really long time. I thought it would but really stupid, don't like ecchi too much...when the main character is the dude. But the art finaly got me to read the manga. And I loved it, sooooo cute!!! It is very refreshing with seeing a guy get worked up that way for a girl. So pure, which is reallllllly rare. There is some ecchi but its bareable, but it was pretty emotion I think I cried a bit somewhere...

Cute read, and funny

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