Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Addiction - My Queen and Fated to Love You

I mainly stay addicted to Manga...since I was 10...? Yea that was a lonnnnggg time ago. Anyway now I am kinda addicted to Taiwanese dramas. I was watching My Queen and since it wasn't complete I started watching Fated to Love You.

I'm too lazy to link the videos but you can go here for My Queen

The drama revolves around Shan Wu Shuang who grew up being the best and number one. However since she can do pretty much everything herself, she can't get a guy. Then she meets Lucas who helped her when her co-workers tried to play a prank on her because she always looked down on them. We then find sparks flying around them while they try to play around the wall of the 8 year difference between Shan Wu Shuang (almost 33) and Lucas (25, Ethan Ruan)

And here for Fated to Love You

Main character Chen Xin Yi is a sticky note girl. Plain, boring and a tad bit slow. She tries her hardest in everything, but gets taken advantaged of by everyone around her. She lives the Cinderella life, until she makes a life changing accident. A play with the wrong rooms, dark lighting and drugs she beds the wealthy Cun Xi (Ethan Ruan). Sometime later she turns out pregnant and they are forced to wed?!

They are subbed in Chinese and English. You can also find more Taiwanese dramas. Personally I love My Queen a lot better than Fated to Love You. The main character Shan Wu Shuang played by Cheryl Yang plays a strong women unlike in Fated to Love You where the main character Chen Xin Yi played by Chen Qiao En plays the role of a weak woman who can't do anything.

BTW I think that even though Ethan Ruan kinda looks like Ming Dao from A Prince Turns into a Frog, Ethan's still cutter. He has less baby fat even if it is cute...

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