Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sad Songs

These are some videos that made me cry before....Very sad...

First is the most moving song for me EVER IN MY LIFE

The first time I heard it was when my friend played it on the piano for the chours teacher in the end of 7th grade. I was waiting for her so we could walk to lunch together. And when I heard it I started to cry, it was not like sad gloomy cry. It was too beautiful-that kinda sad that I started crying. So after that every time I saw her near a piano I would make her play it for me( I kept making her replay the fast part because it was my favorite part of the whole piece). Afterwards I saw this animation for part of the piece and it made it even more moving than before. And so here it is....(Though it sounds the best from a live play)

La valse d'amélie composed by Yann Tiersen-The animation is called The Piano, and I have no idea who made it-sorry

I love her voice and TOP from BigBang is in this, I love him with his glasses on ^^

I'm Sorry by Gummy

This was also really sad, though I watched the mv after hearing the song repeat again and again off my friend's iPod.

Because I am a Girl by Kiss

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