Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Chaps, Kekkaishi, Captive Hearts

Yay!! Skip Beat chapter 138 is out!! You can download it at Mangatraders.

Also new chapters of Liar Game (also at mangatraders)

vol7 chp60
vol7 chp61
vol7 chp62

The new mangas I picked up while waiting for the new chapters are Kekkaishi and Captive Hearts.

Kekkaishi by By Yellow Tanabe

By night, junior high student Yoshimori Sumimura is a "kekkaishi"--a demon-hunter who specializes in creating magical barriers around his prey. By day, Yoshimori's got some other demons to battle: an addiction to sweets and a seriously crotchety grandfather! Yoshimori's pretty 16-year-old neighbor and childhood friend, Tokine Yukimura, is also a kekkaishi, but their families are feuding over who is the true practitioner of the art.

From Mangatraders
Captive Hearts By Matsuri Hino

Kuroishi Megumi is a young man imprisoned by a curse handed down to him from his ancestors, obliging him to serve in the household of the Kougami family.

However, the Kougami family disappeared years ago and Megumi has been enjoying the fruits of their wealth... at least, until his father shocks him with the news that he has found the family and intends to bring them home, ending Megumi's lazy life of luxury and relaxation.

Suzaka is the sole survivor of the Kougami family, and immediately upon her arrival, Megumi finds himself unable to resist the effects of the powerful curse.

From Baka-Updates

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