Friday, April 3, 2009


I am not much of a tv person, but I do have some favorites that I watch every week. Currently my favorite is DollHouse.

The story follows Echo, who was once named Caroline. She did something in her past she wanted to forget about so she was offered a contract where she would "work" for the company for 5 years. Once she signed she became a doll/active where their memory's and personalities are wiped so that they can be given new ones. These are based on the personalities and abilities of others that they have records of. She is given skills, a memory and personality that helps her complete the task that they assign her. "Alpha", the doll that got away from the place with the skills they gave him, tries to take down the company while aiding a federal agent to find the dollhouse. After sometime Echo starts to become aware of herself even in her clean wiped state...

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