Friday, August 7, 2009

Boys Over Flowers - Youko Kamio


Boys Over Flowers/Dumplings Over Flowers/HanaDan/Meteor Garden/Hana Yori Dango - Youko Kamio

Tsukushi Makino is a girl from a poor family that some how got into a super elite school for the super rich. Her family had tried their hardest to get her in to nab a super rich husband. Tsukushi has always helped the weak and thinks herself as "weed" that always comes back and never losing. So when she is faced with the school's F4, a group made up of four of the most handsome and powerful guys in the school she decides to fight back, only to cause their leader to misunderstand and fall for her?!

This was an all time favorite manga for me. I still reread it from time to time, and being that it is 37 volumes I can never remember what had happened so its like reading it for the first time. I mean the fashion is kinda outdated...and the art style isn't that great, but as you read it you kinda fall for it.

Also I loved the characters, they were so freaking funny. I hate it when they always make the female characters weak and always crying, which Tsukushi is the total opposite of. I love strong female characters!! I mean the male leads still save her, because she is a girl-but she tries to fight back and solve her own problems.

There are dramas that were made from this manga...If I feel like it I'll link them...Maybe

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