Saturday, August 8, 2009

Freaking Bug

The other day, this huge bug got into my room. It was kinda big and it had long legs. It kept crawling all over the place...but I couldn't kill it...or rather didn't want to? I'm really scared of bugs...kinda sad...sigh

But someone killed it for me...evenutally and he was my hero for the day. BUT ANOTHER ONE GOT IN!!! So my sister and little brother is trying to kill/drive it out of my room. Listening to them is very funny...lots of screaming like little girls from the both of them.

I really hope they can get it out of my room.

And the reason it got in was because my stupid ass landlord wouldn't fix the window. Last year we told them to fix it because I got bit by some bug and my face and hands got swollen...They said they would fix it next year because it was going to be winter soon and I wouldn't need to open the window...Lies, they never fixed it and so a year has gone by and freaking bugs keep getting in!!!

The freaking screen doesn't even fit in the frame anymore...or was it always like that? Bad workmanship...And there are holes in the screen too so yea...You know what they told me? To put duct tape on the holes...dutch tape...

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