Saturday, July 11, 2009


I hate bugs. Butterflies are really pretty but I am still scared of them. The wings are just so lovely but the legs. EWWW. I mean bugs are really pretty...but I am just so scared of them for some reason. I blame my mom, because when I was younger I wasn't afraid of bugs. But then when I came back to New York to live with my parents, I think I learned the fear from her. She is really scared of bugs.

Anyway, the reason I am bringing this up is that I found that bugs somehow always get into my soups. I ate a fly once...You know...they are really chewy? got mixed in with my banana...gross. So I went to drink soup my mom made yesterday...and guess what...a fly...Last time it was ants so I didn't drink it but she put in a lot of work into the soup...So once again I am drinking bug soup...ew...

And Rabbit Doubt was awsum! Love that manga sooooo much!!!! I was scared the whole time, even when I was rereading the parts. Soooo scaryyyy!! My sister kept getting pissed off because I would squeak...yes like a little mouse...

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