Friday, July 3, 2009

The Fashion Show - Episode 9

I am so glad they didn't take James-Paul out. I hated his outfit was really bad, but he has been my favorite designer so far because he is innovative. The problem is that he has not been able to communicate his ideas to the people.
I was really sad to see Merlin go, he is a great designer...most of the time. And this time, I really loved his outfit. The color was great, I really love the yellow and gray with the green trims. Also the jacket was great. I would definitely buy that, I really loved all the details to it and the pants looked great. It looks very comfortable and sporty with some detail. However I hated the top, it was really boring.
We all know that Daniella is a bitch. Her top was like her wining jacket and I didn't really like the skirt she did. Double ewwww! Plus also Johnny is an ass plus his outfit sucked big time. I would never ever ever wear that and I like to wear really weird things. His top looked ok, but boringggggg. Now the bottom...omg I want to kill myself!! The color was gross and the basket thing over the skirt?! WTF! It was the worse over all, so I have no idea why he was safe.
Oh, and we all loved Anna's outfit, it was really the best. She is doing so good right now. Even though I am cheering for James-Paul, her skirt really described her card and the design was unique and fun and wearable.

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