Friday, July 10, 2009

Nicky Lee - The One

It's a Manhua not Manga but I don't want another it's a manga ok?!

The fashion industry is beautiful and Cane Lele was born right into the middle of it. Her parents where both models until they died in a plane crash. Now living with her grandmother, she finally decides to enter the modeling field after years of persuasion by her aunt who is a fashion agent. She had fallen for a black and white photo of Angus Lanson and wanted to be in the same industry. However during a photo shoot her grandmother dies and gaining courage from Angus's brother they begin to be of importance to each other. Meeting up again in New York, where will all this lead?

I saw this manga a loooooong time ago, but never when to read it. I had no idea why...But one day I was really bored and decided to read it...and OMG it was amazing. I loved the art, so pretty! And the clothes are really nice too. And the story reminds me of Skip Beat they are pretty different, in a good way of course! I love her character, so strong...and sometimes childish...Plus I love Eros Lanson...what a happy bum...hehehe

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  1. I think lee will end up with Eros cuz it's obvious. I think Augus is okie but he kind of gay and most of the times Lee stay with Eros( they kissed^^)