Friday, July 3, 2009


Little siblings are really annoying. They eat in your room, don't clean up and then you have to deal with the freaking worms on your carpet. They don't listen to reason and they just won't shut up!! GRRR!! It's like their reason for being born, to annoy people. I mean some people can get their siblings to do things for them and they can bully them, but in my family it is the total opposite.
My little brother kept singing songs in "his" language and copying everything I ever said. So I told him it would be cool if we found some artifacts in the backyard. (There was this one time were we where digging in the backyard and found a sliver coin from 1886 I think? Plus when we had chicks, two of them was found dead in freshly dug holes in the backyard by my dog. The third one is still missing, we haven't found the body yet. So I told him to go and look for it. Yea...he really went outside to start digging the hole.

Yea but my mom was afraid that the cat (Andy) or the dog (Queena) would fall in, so he had to re-cover the hole. We didn't find anything though...But he had fun and stopped bothering us for awhile...5 hours...a new record -.-

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