Friday, July 10, 2009

Haruto Umezawa - Bremen

Bremen/Buraidan Bureemen/The uninvited guys of Bremen - Haruto Umezawa

It starts with the meeting between Romio Kasugi and Hino Reijii. Reijii is running away from home so that he can play in a new band. Kasugi is heading towards being at the "top"
of something (he didn't pick what yet though...). They become friends, met their dummer Hayama Ryo and brass Fujii Ran and form a band. Each character has their own issuses and they go through them with the help of each other in search of their freedom.

This is a really quick read, only 9 volumes. It is sorta like Beck...Yea...but then there was a really weird thing with mind control through music? It was weird and kinda off...but it suits Kasugi, makes him kooler. But I felt that the end was kinda rushed, other wise it is really good.

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