Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sleep Over

Currently over at my God-Father's house. My god-sisters are sooooo cute!!! The younger one is more like my sister and the older one is more like me, but they are both just soooo adorable!! Too freaking cute. When we went shopping at Staples they were holding my hand and dragging me everywhere to play, it was so much fun. It reminded me of the times I had to watch over my little sister and brother. They aren't that cute anymore, they call me by my name rather than call my sister. My god-sisters don't call me by name and so it makes me feel sisterly? Yea...so much fun, and they are girly too, so their room is like princessy and pink. I love it so much, when I have a little girl the room will pretty much be like that, but with more ruffles and lace. I feel bad for my little girls if they turn up being the tom boyish kind...aww so cute

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