Friday, July 24, 2009

Kaqesaki Yuna -Karin

Chibi Vampire/Cheeky Vampire/Karin - Kaqesaki Yuna

I started reading this manga a long time ago, but it wasn't finished then. I finally get to see how it ends!!!

Ok, so this manga is about vampires. Karin is however, very different from normal vampires, where she produces too much blood rather than sucking blood from her victim. What's worse is that now every time she sees her classmate, it rises her blood count!

The art is pretty cute and the story is far, I'm like at volume 8...anyway time to finish it!

omg I just finished it and it was such a great manga!!! It was such a prefect ending but it felt kinda sad. The love from family...made me cry

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