Monday, July 13, 2009

Ryoji Minagawa - Project Arms

From Manga Traders
Ryo Takatsuki, a normal high-school student, does not realize that he was implanted with nanomachines to replace his severed arm, not until the implant begins to awaken to form a weapon called ARMS. After meeting his fellow comrades who also possess similar ARMS, he starts on a journey to fight Egrigori, the organization who has used him as a guinea pig and is now out to recapture him and his friends. Along the way he makes new allies and enemies, and must also come to terms with the being inside of him.
Great manga, and then after you think its over it the next chapter begins! The art work isn't really to my taste because the characters aren't all eye candy, but story wise this is really good. I love to watch their development plus also the manga is very romantic in style and echos Frankenstein but more modern. It is really never know this could be happening right now...yep...Anyway I also liked how the tied in the story Alice in Wonderland, which is one of my favorite books. That guy was so high on crack...wish I could be Alice and go on her adventures. Which also remind me that next year? a new Alice in Wonderland will be out with Johnny Depp as the Mad hatter, which is my fav character hehehe ^^ and directed by Tim Burton!!! I love all his moviessssss!

Then when I was looking for pictures I found this video. Really kool, the bunny looks like a Pokemon tho...

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