Thursday, July 9, 2009

MATSUEI Yuusei - Demonic Detective Nougami Neuro

It starts when Yako's father dies and the demon Neuro arrived to the surface. He is a demon that eats "puzzles", or mysteries. He takes Yako as his doll and uses her to get more meals while searching for the "ultimate" puzzle. It is like Detective Conan but the art style is more refined and has more of a plot...? I like this manga better because it involves the character's more and the cases are part of a bigger picture. Where in Detective Conan the characters do not develop as much but the cases are more complex. It gets more bloody as the manga progresses.

I really like this manga, even though I was reading it all at one time I never got sick of it. When I tried to read DC I would start to get bored because it's always they go somewhere and there happens to be a case. Rinse and repeat, but this manga goes I guess I prefer the plot and pace of this manga. Plus I got attached to the characters and cried a little...

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