Friday, July 10, 2009

Yoshiki Tonogai - Rabbit Doubt

OMGGG!! When I was fixing the Liar Game post I thought about Rabbit Doubt, a manga I read awhile ago but wasn't completely scanlated. So I went to check it out just now and it's completely done!!! YAY!! So after posting about I will read it...So's night time ='''(

Anyway the manga revolves around a game that is called Rabbit Doubt, where all the players are rabbits and one person is picked as a wolf disguised as a rabbit. They have to find who is the wolf before they are all killed because in each round a rabbit will be killed by the wolf in disguise. Some players wanted to met in person but then they were kidnapped and woke up in a weird place?! One of the players made the game real! WHO IS THE WOLF NOW?? They must find out soon before they are all dead!!

The bunnies are soooo cute!!!! Reminds me of Happy Tree Friends!!

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