Friday, July 10, 2009

Takashi Hashiguchi - Yakitate!! Japan

Azuma Kazuma hopes to make the bread that will be able to represent Japan. He use to hate bread and though that as a Japanese one should only eat rice, but fell in love with bread once he had a taste. To convince his grandfather to eat bread he was taught that with the right ingredients he could make bread go with any kind of meal. This is his jonery to make JAPAN (pan is japan...get it?)

This was actually the first manga I ever read. I was 12? or 11? Either way I loved this manga and since I didn't have my own coputer back then I had to beg this big brother to let me read it on his...well he got me addicted to it, and there was another manga I was reading...but I kinda forgot the name...Anyway it's all about making bread, and you can learn a lot of stuff from the manga, like the history of bread. It was really good in the beginning but it started to get really stupid later on. In the begnning it was kinda believe able to an extend but then we have people dieing and coming back to life (which I was ok with), people going back in time to save their parent (which I was also ok with), and people turning into dams and turtles (which I thought was just plain stupid...). So I kinda stopped reading it for awhile, but I will still finish it when it is complete but I will never read it again because it got so bad...But it gave me lots of laughs so its still really good^^

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