Tuesday, July 14, 2009

RYU Geum Chel - Ares

Ares - RYU Geum Chel

I'm like going through the whole list at MangaTraders...yea...I kinda want to read everything from there, through with the whole community uploading new manga everyday I don't think I can get through the whole list, which is a pretty good thing though...

This Manga is a Manhwa, NOT A MANGA.

Ares enters a guild of mercenaries and meets new friends, Michael, and Baroona. I don't want to explain their past here because then it won't be as fun to read...so that's all I will be telling you...They are all runing towards something and away from something. I'm not done with the series but so far it has kept my interests. War, princes, slaves and venagence for one's only master/father like figure...

The style is pretty rough and simple, but it's still pretty good. And the story is great too, not just all about adventures, there are stuff on politics and war.

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